Rigid Industrial PackagingSteel Containers:

Steel ContainersGreif manufactures standard and specialty steel drums in a range of sizes and thicknesses with a choice of linings, configurations and covers to transport materials for the chemical, paint and coatings, food, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste industries. Our world-leading production processes enable fast turnaround and efficiency.

Steel pails are offered in a various options, such as tight-head, open-head, straight-sided and open-head nested styles. Greif also supplies specialty application pails for products requiring a high degree of cleanliness. These steel pails transport materials for various industries, such as specialty chemicals, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, flavors and fragrances.

Large Steel

Open Head Steel Drums

large-steel-drumGreif's 160- to 250-liter/42- to 66-gallon open-head drums include product options that comply with stringent UN regulations for packing non-dangerous and dangerous goods in the packaging groups II and III.


Tight Head Steel Drums

tight-head-steel-drumGreif's 160- to 250-liter/42- to 66-gallon drums include product options that comply with stringent UN regulations for packing non-dangerous and dangerous goods in the packaging groups I, II and III.

The global standard drum, with a capacity of 216.5 liter/55 gallon, complies with the ISO 15750 standard and other major international standards for steel drums (ANSI, EN).

Composite Drums

composite-steel-drumComposite drums, in a capacity of 205 liters/54 gallons, are designed for packing aggressive and corrosive materials. These drums comply with stringent UN regulations.

Composite drums have been modified to contain a one-piece blow-molded polyethylene liner. For optimum safety, these liners are fitted with two 2" plastic Tri-Sure® closures that can also be sealed with a Tri-Sure® Tab-Seal® Cap. Vent holes are available according to specified shipping regulations.

Composite drums combine the strength of a steel drum with the chemical safety of a plastic drum.


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