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Water BottlesGreif is a leading international manufacturer of water bottles for the water cooler industry. We supply water bottles from 10 liters up to 23 liters (6 AG) in a wide variety of designs. To guarantee the highest quality in water bottles, modern testing equipment is used to test each bottle individually on appearance and performance.

Greif's single-head extrusion blow-molding machines offer the flexibility to switch quickly between the different types of our broad range of water bottles - from a small version 11-liter round or square bottle to the most popular 18.9-liter bottle with handle, as well as the largest 23-liter rectangular water bottle.

In addition, Greif has developed improved neck finish resulting in a more reliable solution to the common industry leakage problem, and the round 11-liter handled water bottle that fits three instead of two bottles in a standard industry rack.

Packaging Services

In addition to our range of standard water bottles, we produce customer-specific designs as well as a wide variety of decorations by means of embossing, labeling and screen printing.