A Comprehensive Solution for Industrial MAP Packaging

Date: 2021-06-30

MAPGuard is Greif’s Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) range enhanced with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology, designed to extend the shelf-life of products.  

Developed to protect the integrity of the products inside, MAPGuard is a highly recommended solution for producers, processors and distributors of dried food, ground nuts, bio/organic foods, seeds and chemicals where issues such as mold, insect infestation and rancidity can occur during storage and transportation.

The MAPGuard FIBCs are designed to operate with a range of special liners and feature a rapid gas flushing and vacuuming system enabling customers to modify the internal atmosphere of the FIBC.

Using industry-standard equipment, the dedicated atmospheric test point offers a cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use test method for monitoring the atmospheric conditions inside the FIBC.

“Typically used in consumer and small-size packaging and due to its technical complexity, the MAP technology was implemented in industrial (FIBC) packaging to a much lesser degree,” explains Juan Bernal, Global Product Manager from Greif.  “As a result, Greif initiated an extensive research project followed by rigorous testing using Greif’s technical know-how and expertise, to ultimately create the MAPGuard product line; a simple to use and reliable solution.

“Through MAPGuard customers can take advantage of the significant transportation and storage savings that FIBC packaging delivers whilst enjoying the benefits that the MAP technology has to offer.”

Benefits of Greif’s MAPGuard line include:

  • Product shelf life extension and control
  • MAP for large volume transportation and storage
  • Industry-leading MAP FIBC quality standard
  • Simplified purchasing and after-sales experience (no third parties)
  • Fast, reliable and hazard free MAP process
  • Safe and easy to use atmospheric test point

To find out how your business could benefit from the superior MAP capabilities while enjoying the advantage of working with one of the world’s leaders in FIBC and other industrial packaging, please visit https://www.greif.com/en-gb/fps/mapguard or contact your local Greif representative.