Composite Drums from Cologne, Germany

Date: 2018-07-03

At Greif our wide range of steel drums complies with the highest industrial packaging requirements imposed by the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.  

Packaging is produced using the latest production technology and tested in accordance with demanding UN regulations to guarantee optimum protection for a broad range of dangerous and non-dangerous goods. 

At our plant in Lövenich, Cologne in Germany we have almost 50 years of experience which is one of the reasons why we hold such a prominent position in the industrial packaging market in Germany.  From this facilitywe manufacture a range of steel drums including tight head and open top steel drums, and composite (“polylined”) drums

Combining the strength of a steel drum with the chemical resistance of a plastic drum, our range of composite drums (Valethene®) are particularly suited to corrosive materials. The rigid polyethelene innerliner keeps the product away from the steel.  

Built with a nominal capacity of 205 litres, customers can opt for PE-HD innerliners weighing 3 kg, 6 kg or 8.4 kg, as well as a fluorinated liner, depending on your requirements. The Valethene® drum is also compatible with food, pharmaceutical and electronic products requiring a cleaner packaging solution. Drums are equipped with Tri-Sure®plastic closures (BCS56x4) with three different washer materials and are available in various RAL colours for the exterior. The required venting of the interspace during the filling can be secured with an additional G3/4 steel plug.

Customers can rest assured that all these products are manufactured to a consistently high standard and undergo all required UN testing examinations to ensure that they meet the needs of challenging environments.  All drums are individually leak tested and conform to UN6HA1 homologations.

We place the customer at the heart of our operation and work in partnership to help build a better understanding of your needs. We have a team of highly skilled professionals that are available to provide specific packaging advice based on the information you give us on content and usage.  To find out more please get in touch.