Greif SealGuard™ a Breakthrough Innovation Coming to the FIBC World

Date: 2020-07-29

Greif SealGuard™ a breakthrough innovation coming to the FIBC world.


Greif introduces SealGuard™, a game-changing innovation since the introduction of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC).

In 2020 Greif releases SealGuard™ -the result of its customer-centric innovation approach, solving common challenges in the current FIBC applications for the Food, Pharma and Chemical industries


With SealGuard™, Greif embarked on the journey to the creation of a whole new set of material and production process technologies resulting in a more automized FIBC production. The SealGuard™ enhanced FIBCs production and material usage sets new standards in the industry by unparalleled product specifications.


Product innovation is an enabler for Greif’s vision: In industrial packaging, be the best performing customer service company in the world. As a result, the SealGuard™ technology was developed to improve the customer experience by delivering superior leak resistance and tackling challenges such as FIBC leakages, material contamination, handling of complex liner FIBC constructions and labor-intense recycling process among others.



How does Greif SealGuard product line add value to your business?


  The innovative bonding process used during the production of the Greif SealGuard™ FIBCs brings the prevention of leakage to a whole new level, never seen in the Big Bag industry before.


   The SealGuard™ FIBC features a clean construction (it does not include sewing on body and very limited sewing on belt), ensuring purity and fundamentally reducing the risk of any potential contamination of the enclosed material.


   The bonding process used during the production of the SealGuard™ FIBCs brings moisture ingress avoidance to an unprecedented level in the industry, ensuring the integrity of the contained materials.


   The Greif SealGuard™ FIBC optimized design eliminates the use of complex multi-layer constructions and  simplifies the handling and filling process.  The absence of liner means no potential issues with liner turning, blocking, tearing, melting, or wrong positioning.


   As no dustproof, double, or triple-layer construction is required to deliver the needed performance, the SealGuard™ FIBC offers superior stability during transport and storage.



   Due to its mono-material construction, the Greif SealGuard™ FIBC enables a more efficient recycling process as it does not require separation. This allows a sustainable solution whenever reconditioning is not advisable for the given application.


   Due to its blend of raw materials (HDPE/PP/additives), the Greif SealGuard™ FIBC offers improved resistance to degradation caused by UV radiation. As a result, while it is not recommended exposing the FIBC to UV radiation, the SealGuard™ FIBC will deliver a significantly higher level of endurance to sunlight exposure.




How do we achieve SealGuard™ benefits?


The SealGuard™ product line is based on a new material formulation based on Polyethylene instead of the conventional Polypropylene used in standard FIBCs.


This leads to the second technological advancement: the production process of SealGuard™ fundamentally differs from legacy Big Bags. SealGuard™ enables machine-based operations for the welding of the FIBC subcomponents. Ultimately, this allows for the production of a fully sealed, seam-free FIBC body. There are no sewing seams in the FIBC body, nor between the body and the top or bottom spouts.


The Greif SealGuard™ product line will become available in the second half of 2020 in different electrostatic types and sizes, fulfilling the most common application requirements.


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