Revolution in quality preservation: FIBC Vacuum Packaging

Date: 2018-05-15

Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) are well known in consumer packaging as the best way to preserve quality. Now, Greif can offer the same with the vQm vacuum concept!

Greif Flexible Products and Services Benelux in cooperation with vQm Packaging B.V. introduced big bags (FIBC’s) capable of vacuum packaging its contents in October 2017. Through a patented, two-way valve that is sealed inside the inner liner, air can be removed to create vacuum packing or replaced by an alternate gas like nitrogen or carbon dioxide (CO2). In combination with the vacuum unit, MAPflushing is possible to reduce oxygen level or increase CO2 level within the bag resulting in the extermination of insects in all life stages, without the use of chemicals making this product suitable for many organic commodities. It is a simple, but effective method to pack products in our FIBC’s with only an additional barrier liner and a vacuum valve. 


The vQm vacuum concept works particularly well for products sensitive to oxygen and/or humidity, like nuts, seed, herbs & spices, (milk) powders, chemicals, etc. Moreover the vQm technology is effective in eradicating the proliferation of insects in agricultural products (e.g. in rice, grain, cacao). Special aluminum, PA or EVOH are included in the film of the vacuum liners, in order to to maintain the vacuum and provide extra protection from oxygen and moisture over an extended period of time. The products inside the packaging can be sustained with an extended shelf life.


Due to the high speed and simplicity of the system, vQm vacuum concept is easy to integrate into an existing production process and/or logistics program. The patented valve allows you to create and maintain vacuum conditions inside the FIBC at an amazing speed, 1000 liters to 500 hPa within 30 seconds!


This low-cost, all-in-one solution offers ultimate protection for all kind of dry commodities, including powders, and preserves the quality. 


Greif has already introduced the vQm vacuum concept successfully to five of its biggest food and feed customers in Benelux, France and Brazil that have used the packaging for products such as cashew nuts, rice, potato flakes, and corn/maize.


Major advantages:


  • Extended shelf-life
  • Stable moisture content 
  • Minimize oxidation
  • Eradicate infestations and avoid mold and fungus without use of chemicals
  • Improved flavor, aroma and color retention
  • Reduced breakage
  • Low investment

Curious to learn whether the vQm concept will benefit you and your products?

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