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The Challenge

We are one year closer to 2050, when 9 billion people are projected to live on this planet. We must continue to make thoughtful yet impactful changes to the way we operate in order to address the challenges that a growing population will place on the earth's resources.


Greif’s vision is to be the best performing customer service company in industrial packaging in the world. Essential to meeting this objective is the integration of sustainability all through our operations. For Greif, sustainability is not an isolated activity but is a principle that is present throughout our core strategy, product development and manufacturing and distribution processes. Greif has an unyielding commitment to minimizing the impact our business has on the environment through the innovation and implementation of methods and processes that are socially responsible and economically sound.

Sustainability is the watchword we use at Greif to remind us that what we do now affects what we will be able to do in the future. We believe that business cannot succeed in a society that fails. As an active and involved member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, we join with other companies around the world that are integrating sustainability goals with business objectives to develop smart strategies that address environmental and social concerns.

Our business strategy and operations, wherever we are in the world, follow our core values and The Greif Way, which is composed of four pillars: ethics, diversity, sustainability and commitment to continuous improvement. Through the Greif Way we use financial, natural and human resources wisely without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Moreover, every Greif employee around the world is encouraged and empowered to find ways to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

We focus on topics with particular significance for Greif, which are analyzed and assessed regularly. The main areas for our sustainability management are:

Improving Safety

Our first and highest priority is safety. We are diligent in protecting our own safety as well as the safety of our co-workers and neighbors. This emphasis goes far beyond an aspiration and is regularly measured in each of our business units around the world.

Reducing Environmental Impact

We have an ongoing commitment to minimize the impact our business has on the environment. Since 2003, we have been working to eliminate waste in all areas through product innovation and by making our processes more efficient and consuming less. We have established energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals, and are now working on eliminating landfill waste. We are also establishing best-in-class sustainability management practices for measurement, tracking and continuous improvement in resource consumption and carbon emissions.

Enhancing Livelihoods

We respect the rights of the people and communities we work with throughout the world. We work on projects to enhance the livelihoods of people as we grow our business.

Innovation and collaboration are critical to achieving our social, environmental and financial sustainability goals. By looking at product development, sourcing and manufacturing through a sustainability lens, opportunities for innovation open up. Our leadership in innovation through projects such as the development of our DoubleGreenTM COEX jerry cans, one of the first sustainable, multilayer plastic jerry cans made from renewable resources, has helped us deliver better environmental performance as well as improved value propositions for our customers.

Ultimately, we at Greif believe that truly sustainable practices benefit the people and the environment where we are present, as well as bringing value to our employees and shareholders. Doing good and doing well must go hand-in-hand if we are to continue to thrive in long term.

More information about our sustainability program can be found in our sustainability reports.


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