Uncoated Recycled Paperboard and 4 Specialty Converting Facilities

Hundreds of grades, calipers, and basis weights to choose.

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We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of 100% recycled paperboard. Our URB is a good choice for environmentally friendly packaging and products and we are a leader in environmentally smart paperboard and containerboard solutions.

We have hundreds of grades to choose from and produce over two million tons annually, which makes us one of the largest domestic producers of recycled paperboard and containerboard grades and products.

We serve all the principal recycled paperboard end-use markets including folding cartons, tubes and cores, corrugated products, specialty paperboard and containerboard grades, and gypsum paperboard.

Our specialty converting is done at the Wisconsin, Austell #1, Taylors and Chicago facilities. Key markets include office/school supplies, hard cover books, game board, puzzle board and more!

All our Paperboard Mills are Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) Certified, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Certified and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC®) Chain of Custody Certified.

SFI is a registered trademark of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. FSC is a registered trademark of the Forest Stewardship Council. PEFC is a registered trademark of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.


The majority of our 100% recycled paperboard mills produce a broad range of uncoated grades to include:

  • Plain chip

  • Bending chip

  • Tube and core grades

  • Laminated or pasted grades

  • Colors – Pink, Suntan and many more

  • Specialty colors, colored top sheet board

  • Tan bending chip

  • Partition chip

  • Printer’s chip

  • Low density board

  • High sized board


Browse our various mills across the United States. Specifications can be downloaded for each mill.


Austell Boxboard Mill #1 & Specialty Converting

Uncoated Recycled Paperboard (URB) and Specialty Converting

Austell, GA


Austell Boxboard Mill #2

Uncoated Recycled Paperboard (URB)

Austell, GA


Taylors Paperboard and Specialty Converting

Uncoated Recycled Paperboard (URB) and Specialty Converting

Taylors, SC



Chicago Mill Converting

Specialty Converting

Chicago, IL


Cincinnati Paperboard

Uncoated Recycled Paperboard (URB)

Cincinnati, OH


Mobile Paperboard

Uncoated Recycled Paperboard (URB)

Mobile, AL



Ohio Paperboard

Uncoated Recycled Paperboard (URB)

Baltimore, OH


Tacoma Paperboard

Uncoated Recycled Paperboard (URB)

Tacoma, WA


Wisconsin Paperboard and Specialty Converting

Uncoated Recycled Paperboard (URB) and Specialty Converting

Milwaukee, WI