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1- and 2-Loop FIBCs

Optimal Efficiency, cost- effective, easy-to-handle container for agriculture, fertilizers, seed, and other applications

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1- and 2- Loop FIBCs

1- and 2- Loop FIBCs

Greif's 1- and 2-Loop FIBCs are most widely used to transport bulk loads of between 500 kg and 1500 kg weights. They are subject to a process of rigorous quality control and in house testing and further comply with all relevant testing norms required under both the European and UN dangerous goods standards. Main benefits:
  • Ease of handling, self-supporting single or double point of lift
  • Superior cost-to-weight ratio of up to 20% afforded by this design, compared with 4 loop styles, typically enables transportation of 1000kg of products with up to 0.5kg less plastic packaging weight. 
  • Design may be standardized enabling higher levels of automation and efficiency to be achieved during manufacturing.
  • 1 loop FIBC’s are particularly suitable for packing on the roll. Greif pioneered the” Bag on Roll” (BOR) technology which is increasingly the preferred system for the supply of packing products to automated filling lines.
  • Proven commitment to reducing waste, energy consumption and identifying alternative proposals to encourage sustainability.  
We enjoy close working relationships with manufacturers of production machinery and filling and discharge systems.

Top and Bottom Constructions

The designs of Greif's 1- and 2-Loop FIBCs consist of an outer bag with either a single or double integral lifting loop configuration. Coated or uncoated fabrics are available depending on your requirements. Liners are inserted to give additional moisture protection depending on the product and application.
  • Standard open top with filling slit
  • Filling spout with sewn-in lid
  • Star base ( square or rectangular also available)
  • Gusseted and sewn base
  • Discharge spout (standard or Iris closure)
High resolution printing up to 6/7 colors per side
  • UN coded bags (X or Z coding)
  • Multi- layer PE and PP liners, or MC materials - clear or colored; 65mu up to 120mu
  • Tubular or bottleneck liners suspended or glued

Top and Bottom Constructions


When ordering packaging for your product, you expect an FIBC which meets all relevant industry and/or regulatory requirements and consistently performs to specification. Greif has a robust Quality Program to accomplish this.
  • Production processes are monitored under strict controls and integrated with a stringent Quality Management System
  • Inhouse testing laboratories validate compliance of material properties with international standards
  • Internal and external audits and certifications
  • End-to-end supply chain management and control
  • Traceability of products and components
  • Continuous improvement of products and people
Our Testing Laboratories
Our state-of-the-art, in-house laboratories ensure compliance and conformity to agreed specifications covering the entire production process – from incoming raw materials to finished products.
A few examples of our testing capabilities:
  • Incoming materials and semi-finished products: melt flow index (MFI), mechanical properties (e.g., strength, elongation, etc.), UV resistance, surface resistance, MVTR
  • UN test for Dangerous Goods: top lift, drop, righting, topple, tear, and stacking tests
  • Specific test for PE liners: (DART PE, blowing test, strength and elongation, friction )
  • Supported by our dedicated R&D team


At Greif, we take necessary steps to ensure products supplied meet mandatory industry and legal requirements.
Our Certifications: 
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • UN certification
  • ISO 14001: 2015
  • BRC IoP
For more information about requirements specific to your industry or region, please contact us.