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4-Loop FIBCs

Safe and sturdy semi-bulk packaging solution. Whether you are handling powder, granular, or flake products, Greif 4-Loop FIBCs provide product containment and protect against hazards such as moisture and electrostatics.

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Standard FIBCs

Standard FIBCs

Greif Provides high variety of standard fabric types, colors and thicknesses. Tailored options are possible for your specific requirements.

  • Flat woven fabric- Excellent choice for a variety of products. It is a very popular design for dense products
  • Circular woven fabric- Ideal option for fine materials. Its construction eliminates side seams resulting in improved sift and moisture protection.

Safety Factor (SF) according to ISO 21898:2004
Single Trip

Single trip FIBCs are tested to a 5:1 safety factor.

Multi Trip
(Standard duty reusable)

It is critical that all used FIBCs are re-inspected prior to re-filling to ensure that no damage has occurred during use.
Multi trip FIBCs are tested to a 6:1 safety factor.

UN Dangerous Goods
FIBCs that are designed to ensure the safe transportation of UN classified hazardous materials.

Safe Working Load
FIBCs can be designed to safely carry loads ranging from 250 to 3000 kg.
All our FIBCs are UV stabilized



Formstable FIBCs

Stability and optimal utilization of space

The unique but simple FIBC construction helps to prevent deformation of the bag and ensures that the FIBC retains its square or rectangular shape during transportation and storage
  • Optimized transport loading
  • Improved space utilization during warehouse storage
  • Enhanced stability during stacking, transportation and handling, thereby enhancing the safety within the immediate environment of the FIBC
  • Lower freight costs, less pallets, and fewer FIBCs

30% more volume

Optimized transport loading with up to 30% more volume for your product. Can be packed in an ISO container or truck to avoid valuable lost load space.      


Standard Baffle

Woven polypropylene panels with strategically located windows to allow the free flow of product during the fill and discharge.

Net Baffle

The Net Baffle format, consists of a continuous polypropylene yarn.
This design allows an increased flow of product.

Extruded Net Baffle*

The extruded net format, promotes increased flow of product and can be incorporated into an inner liner.
* Protected by the patents DE102005023253, EP1724213, US2007/0084113”



Formstable FIBCs
FIBCs with Liners

FIBCs with Liners

Greif provides FIBCs with customized Inner Liners to enable additional containment of products
Should your product application require electrostatic protection, Greif provides a complete portfolio of liner materials. Whether you are using Type B, C or D FIBC we have a liner to match.
We offer number of liner solutions:
  • LDPE based liners
  • EVOH based liners
  • Aluminium based liners
  • Antistatic Liners
  • Conductive liners


FIBCs with Liners: Food and Pharma

Securing your most sensitive products

Whether you are packaging baby formula or pharmaceutical ingredient, we understand  the extra requirements and can offer solutions for the most sensitive needs.
Highest quality raw materials prevent harmful migration from packaging into your product:
  • Approved for use in food contact, in accordance with relevant regulations for plastic materials (EU 10/2011, FD 21 CFR 177.1520)
  • Pharmacopeia approved solutions meeting international standards European Pharmacopoeia (8th Edition 2014) Monograph 3.1.4. “Polyethylene without additives for containers for preparations for parenteral use and for ophthalmic preparations”United States Pharmacopoeia 88 Class VI
Clean room production minimizes external contamination sources
  • Air filtration and overpressure
  • Experienced and highly trained production teams
  • Hygiene mindset and awareness to end users’ application
  • Fully automated clean room production with options to fully seal the top and bottom of the liners

FIBCs with Liners: Food and Pharma
FIBC Filling

FIBC Filling

Greif offers a wide variety of filling options to fit your operations:
  • Open Top- For ease of filling particularly bulky products
  • Top Skirt- Offers full width of fill with additional protection
  • Filling Spout- For standard filling applications
  • Box Top- For high repose or aeriated product
  • Iris Closure- For additional protection after filling
  • Star Closure- Additional protection with flap cover
  • Conical Top- For products with a high filling cone
  • Conical Filling Spout- For enhanced flow of product

FIBC Discharging

Greif offers a wide variety of discharging options to fit your operations:
  • Flat Bottom- Emptying by star cut of the base
  • Discharge Spout- For standard discharging applications
  • Conical Bottom- For products which may bridge or cake
  • Discharge Spout with Iris Closure- Additional protection of the discharge spout
  • Discharge Spout with Star Closure- To avoid bulging of the discharge spout
  • Double Discharge Spout- For dust free discharging
  • Bottom Flap- Additional full base protection
  • Open Bottom System with Iris Closure- Total opening of the bottom





FIBC Discharging
Greif UN FIBCs

Greif UN FIBCs

Safe handling and transportation for hazardous goods

The transportation of hazardous products is regulated within a framework established by the United Nations (UN) Subcommittee  of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.Greif’s UN Test Laboratories are certified independently to conduct tests in accordance with the UN dangerous goods regulations


Static Protective FIBCs

Safe handling in potentially explosive environments

Some FIBC applications occur in potentially hazardous explosive atmospheres. Filling and Discharging creates static electricity. Fine powders with low (MIE) minimum ignition levels can create combustible dust clouds within the bag and surrounding environment.
Greif Type D – StatGuarD
Greif Type C –Conductive FIBC
Type D FIBCs are made from
Conductive yarn is woven into the
antistatic fabric with dissipative
fabric creating a fully interconnected
threads. Static charges are dissipated
grid with a resistance to groundable
at low energy levels by the corona effect,
point of less than 1,0 x10^8Ohm with 
grounding is not required
breakdown voltage of less than 6kV. 
Conductive tabs are added to the FIBC to allow
grounding during filling and discharging.
Effective grounding is critical for safe application.



Need for FIBC grounding & special handling equipment
Compliance with EC 10/2011 & FDA food contact regulation
Possibility to control the FIBC with metal detection
Dissipation of static charge via Unique built in characteristics


Static Protective FIBCs


Highest quality standard in FIBC industry

When ordering packaging for your product, you expect an FIBC which meets all relevant industry and/or regulatory requirements and consistently performs to specification.
Greif has a robust Quality Program to accomplish this:
  • Production processes are monitored under strict controls and integrated with a stringent Quality Management System
  • Inhouse testing laboratories validate compliance of material properties with international standards
  • Internal and external audits and certifications
  • End-to-end supply chain management and control
  • Traceability of products and components
  • Continuous improvement of products and people
Our Certifications
At Greif, we take necessary steps to ensure products supplied meet mandatory industry and legal requirements. For more information about requirements specific to your industry or region, please contact us.

Safety and Handling

Greif FIBCs are UV stabilized in accordance with the ISO 21898:2004 Standard

Due to the sensitivity of woven polypropylene fabric against UV light, we advise you to protect the FIBCs from rain and/or prolonged sunlight.
How to use FIBCs for non-dangerous goods
For safe handling of big bags, please refer to the video below and the FIBCA handling guidelines. Contact your sales representatives for all questions related to safety use and handling of FIBCs. 

Safety and Handling