A-drum, Valerex, NexDRUM

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The blow molded A-drum is designed for chemical and food compatibility

A-drum is designed for use with multiple types of filling both for a high cleanliness food contact and high chemical resistance as with surfactants.

Designed for use with automated filling lines

The NEXDrum offers improved stability on automatic filling lines due to a 180 degree flat injected molded bottom footring. The top is also injected molded and welded offering improved alignment with filling equipment.


Due to the unique design of the NEXDrum and Valerex the product can be customized with different colors.

המגוון הרחב ביותר של מפרטים

הודות לגוף המוזרק ותחתית ועילית מולחמות Nexdrum וחביות Valrex מאפשרות ייצור בגבהים שונים ומאפשרים בכך נפחי מילוי שונים / זמין גם עם גוף ללא צבע המאפשר בדיקת נפח מילוי לפי הצורך.

Safety first

Safety first

A plastic solution for chemicals

With a specific multi-layer technology, the A-drum offers the opportunity to use plastic drums even with surfactants at critical temperature conditions.



Improved efficiencies

On automatic filling lines due to the stability of the flat injected bottom and 180 degree footring.



Customize your drum

The injected bodies of our Nexdrum and Valerex can be customized thanks to an injected body on which you can print any type of logo or advertisement.