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Aggregate FIBC


Safe Packaging Solution for Bulk Products

Greif's range of aggregate FIBCs offers safe packaging solutions for transportation of bulk aggregates such as sand, stone and gravel.

Additional Features/Options:


The Aggregate FIBC reduces repetitive strain and the risk of handling smaller containers

Time Saver

Tunnel FIBC enables a quicker filling cycle due to it eliminating the need for an additional operator to locate the loops and affix them to the forklift.


Provides branding opportunities with customer-specified color fabrics and printed brandmarks (up to six colors).

Aggregate FIBC​ Specifications

The widest range of specifications

Lifting Loops are critically important to ensure the correct filling, handling and discharging of FIBCs. Greif will advise you to make the right choice.

Customization Options

  • Loops
  • Sizes
  • Colors

Safety first

Single Trip Aggregate Bags

Safety Factor according to ISO 21898:2004
Single Trip Aggregate Bags: FIBCs that are designed and intended for a single fill / use. They can be handled multiple times but not re-filled or re-used. Single trip FIBCs are tested to a 5:1 safety factor.

Safe Working Load:1000kg
All our FIBC are UV stabilized

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