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100% Recyclable, Repulpable, & Sustainable

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LeaderCorr offers high impact graphic capability, is 100% recyclable and is more economical than other products and substrates. What's more, it generates OCC income when ready to replace. LeaderCorr is a double-wall thick corrugated signboard that enables our retailer customers to print high-end graphics on 100% recyclable board. Competitive products like foam board or corrugated plastic are not recyclable, and cannot be converted into an OCC income source after use. LeaderCorr Constructions: EE Flute is ~.125 thick; EB Flute is ~.180 thick, BB Flute is ~.238 thick Print Substrates: Clay Coated Kemi Light, Premium White Liner Printer Select, Mottled White Liner, Bleached Liner, Preprinted Color Liners



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