MicroChoice Litho Lamination

Highest quality graphics single or doublewall corrugated featuring added strength for retail ready packaging & displays

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Largest format size available in the industry

Doublewall lamination up to 54" x 81"

Quickest production and turn around times available for litho lamination

We operate the 2 fastest litho laminators in the world at 12,000 sheets per hour

Highest quality available in the industry

We utilize the most advanced lamination technology featuring photo registration & precise moisture controls & low litho waste

The widest range of specifications

Widest Range of Flute Profiles: C, B, E, F, EB, BC, FE, BB, EE, FB | Board Grade Combinations: Singlewall grades from 125# to 275# and 26ECT to 44ECT & Doublewall grades from 200# to 450# and 42ECT to 61ECT | Paper Options: Kraft, White top, Kemi, Bleach | Wide variety of color coated and white mediums and white liners available



Precise litho registration



FSC & SFI Certified

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