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Employee Development


Any high-performance culture is based on continuous learning and knowledge. To ensure that we attract and retain the best global talent, we need to have an excellent learning and development platform in place that is fully aligned with the company strategy and its key focus areas and processes.

We offer employees, at different levels of the organization, opportunities to develop via on-the-job learning, training programs, mentoring, new challenges and assignments within their current role, as well as online development opportunities. It is also crucial that our employees are trained in the core principles underlying our company values, The Greif Way, including safety, integrity and sustainability. In addition, our performance and development review process, which is applicable for employees, ensures an ongoing focus on individual development to improve job performance.

Greif’s training opportunities include both traditional classroom and virtual instructor-led training, hands-on training and an extensive database of online training courses. Training and education varies by job role and responsibilities.

Online Tools

Greif employees have access to materials that support the entire employee life cycle with the wealth of resources available on Greif’s online people resource, Workday. Workday gives employees access to development resources, online internal job postings, compensation and benefit information, health and wellness programs among other features, including career planning. Employees take advantage of these offerings to develop their careers, enhance their employee experience and plan for career changes. The Skillport Portal on Workday, launched in 2014, is the established learning portal for employees at all levels. Skillport provides resources to support employee career development and helps them select and manage a curriculum that aligns with their core role responsibilities and personal development interests. The Skillport Portal also assigns required trainings to employees, simplifying the overall employee development platform. There are now more than 220 courses and close to 11,000 video courses available in the Skillport Portal. As of Q2 2015, 284 active users have taken 1,294 courses. We plan on expanding the reach of Skillport among our employees in the near future.

Leadership Development

We identify high-performing individuals through our talent review process and seek to provide them further opportunities to develop their careers and prepare for senior roles within the company. In addition, we offer leadership development programs for employees moving into management, including those leading teams, departments and functions. Designed and delivered with some of leading international business schools and training providers, these formal programs are multi-dimensional, incorporating various learning methods, from roundtable discussions to business simulations, virtual classrooms, web-casting and team assignments.

GROW: Safety Leadership & Development Academy

Our GROW: Safety Leadership & Development Academy, introduced in 2013, expanded further in 2014. GROW is a four-part education and certification program that develops the leadership skills of our supervisors and plant managers and trains them to understand their role in Greif’s safety management system and to mentor others to embrace a culture where safety is a demonstrated value.

Through the GROW Academy, leaders deepen their skills and learn to recognize the hazards that may exist in manufacturing environments, learn management techniques to minimize exposure to hazards and insight into the importance of recognizing the relationship between human behavior and injury prevention. Since its inception in 2013, 310 managers have participated in GROW Academy. In 2016, we expanded the program from North America to our Latin American operations.

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