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Employee Engagement

Ensuring our employees are happy, healthy and treated fairly and with respect is at the core of our business philosophy and success. We strive to create open work environments as diverse as the markets we serve, where people are engaged and where Greif is viewed both internally and externally as an employer of choice.

We engage in frequent dialogue with our employees around the world to encourage a work environment of open communication and to effectively solicit and leverage innovative ideas. For example, we built the Greif Innovation System, an online platform designed for anyone at Greif to share ideas about services, business models or new products that can improve our business and help us reach customers. It is easy to use and encourages collaboration. Anyone who uses the system has an opportunity to comment on other projects and vote for the most promising ones.

We offer a variety of developmental opportunities for our employees, invest in tools for their ongoing development and offer programs such as the Michael J. Gasser Sustainability Award program that recognize and celebrate sustainability and success across the business.

We also provide opportunities for all of our employees to participate in diverse programs that are scalable and that have a long-lasting impact such as the initiatives highlighted below.


Greif Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Peace One Day

Peace starts with individual actions. In 2014, we partnered with Peace One Day, a non-profit organization whose objective is to institutionalize Peace Day - September 21 - around the world, making it self- sustaining. We empowered and encouraged our employees around the world to collectively create nearly 96,000 touch points, or acts of peace, to promote peace in their personal lives, families, communities and workplaces. From working with local schools and churches to helping others with gifts of time and resources, Greif employees made a positive impact on the lives of others.


Bike to Work

We regularly develop programs to encourage our employees to bike to work to live a healthier lifestyle and to reduce their carbon footprint. In 2014, we presented our employees a challenge: cycle a minimum of 100 miles during the month of September. Employees who took the challenge biked an aggregate 16,218 miles (26,098 km), equivalent to saving 1,600 gallons of fuel, 31,400 pounds of CO2 emissions and 2,079 pounds of other pollutants.


Greif Energy Efficiency Challenge

As part of our ongoing effort to reduce energy consumption, we teamed with ThinkEco, an energy-efficiency company, to prove that when equipped with an interactive and actionable energy program, employees can effortlessly learn energy-efficient habits and automatically save tons of emissions. Through a four-month challenge that sparked broader energy dialogue, the participating employees improved their energy IQ and reduced electricity consumption by using a ThinkEco modlet (modern electric outlet) and engaging in energy challenges. The employees reduced their energy consumption in the office by more than 2400 kWh, which is equivalent to approximately 2.2 metric tons of CO2.


APAC Energy Reduction Contest

Our APAC region developed the APAC Energy Reduction Contest to promote the creation and implementation of energy consumption reduction practices in their facilities and to increase awareness among employees.

A total of ten facilities participated in the six month long contest. The contest led to a total energy savings of 851,986 kWh, which is equal to the carbon sequestered from 482 acres of U.S. forests in one year.

The winner of the contest was the Pililia facility in the Philippines. The team won $12,000 for reducing their energy consumption by 17.11%.


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