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Employment Conditions

Respect Others

We treat people the way we would like to be treated while being respectful of their cultural norms.

- From The Greif Way

Respecting and protecting human rights is the foundation for a healthy, sustainable and equitable business. Our commitment to respecting human rights guides our interactions with our employees, customers, suppliers and the communities we serve. By working in partnership and through a process of continuous improvement, we aim to achieve higher standards in all the industries in which we operate.

We have set clear standards for globally effective employment conditions within Greif adhering to domestic laws, conventions and respective industry standards as well as our internal corporate directives.

We are focusing our efforts on salient fundamental human rights issues including child labor, adherence to the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunity at the workplace, employees right to organize and freedom of organization, right to collective bargaining and partnership-based cooperation with workers‘ representatives, occupational health & safety, and further training and development of employees.

Our code of conduct and policies including our Fair Treatment of Employees PolicyEqual Employment Diversity Policy, and Child Labor Policy drive our internal and external compliance requirements. In 2015, 77 percent of our white collar employees received the Greif Code of Business Conduct and Ethics training. Engaging across our business functions and geographies, our focus is on creating awareness, engagement, training and the effective implementation of our policies. Through training, presentations, eLearning programs and a corporate hotline, we ensure that our social standards are firmly anchored.


Equitable Treatment of All

Regardless of race, color, sex, creed, national origin or age, each Greif employee will be treated fairly.


Greif Code of Business Conduct 
Fair Treatment of Employees Policy 
Equal Employment Diversity Policy 
Child Labor Policy 
Anti-bribery and Sanctions Policy 
Antitrust Competition Compliance Policy
Greif Human Rights Policy

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