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We are examining every aspect of our carbon footprint as we seek to maximize energy efficiency across Greif. This includes monitoring our energy use, generating our own energy at our facilities and prioritizing and implementing technologies and systems to improve our energy usage. These measures enable us to reduce our carbon footprintand conserve natural resources.

To drive a reduction in energy use, we embed energy efficiency criteria into Greif’s capital expenditure decision process. This drives facility leaders to make purchases that not only increase production rates but also reduces energy consumption and costs over the long-term.

We reduced our energy consumption company-wide by 10 percent between 2007 and 2010, meeting our first energy reduction goal. In 2010, we introduced our second generation energy goal and reduced our energy consumption per unit of production by another 10 percent by the end of 2015. 



2014 - 2020 Goal: Reduce energy consumption per unit of production by 10 percent over a fiscal year 2014 baseline by the end of fiscal year 2020.



In 2016, Greif’s total energy use was approximately 2,801,955 MWh. Between 2014 and 2016, we reduced our energy consumption per unit of production by 1.8 percent. For more detailed information about our energy consumption, performance metrics and energy reduction projects please see our 2016 Sustainability Report.

Between 2009 and 2016, we saved approximately $59 million through energy conservation initiatives throughout the company. Looking forward, we plan to expand the sharing of best practices across our facilities and educate employees on actions that lead to energy reduction, such as the proper use of air compressors, chillers and other machinery. We strongly believe that best-practice sharing and behavior change across our footprint can contribute to a significant reduction in energy use and increased efficiencies.


Energy Team

Global Energy Team
Greif Global Energy Team

In 2010, Greif launched our Global Energy Team to aid our businesses in managing energy and emissions and driving energy reduction. The Global Energy Team, consisting of 12 employees from around the globe representing all business units, is responsible for applying the Greif transformation plan in the context of energy efficiency. They work with business unit leaders to create an annual energy road map detailing how each business unit will reduce energy consumption.


Renewable Energy

Renewables, such as solar and wind energy, will play a major role in addressing the challenges of climate change over the long term. We are committed to testing and using renewable energy technologies across our global operations. We are continuing to expand our renewable energy portfolio as a way of reducing both purchased electricity and greenhouse gas emissions.

Greif’s Flexible Products & Services (FPS) business has two wind turbines in Turkey, each producing more than 1 million kWh annually in addition to a third smaller 10kW windmill. In Europoort, our steel drum factory installed five small roof-mounted windmills.

North American Facilities with Solar Energy

2,233 solar panels have been installed in seven locations in North America delivering 2.7 million kilowatt hours of energy annually to our facilities, which enables us to save approximately $135,000* in annual energy costs.



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