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In 2010, Greif developed the Greif Green Tool to help counsel customers on selecting the right container for their needs while reducing their carbon footprints. The Green Tool enables the user to review a corporation's overall environmental performance in packaging and the effects of different packaging application decisions.

The tool is a calculator based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) models for various industrial packaging types, and allows companies to create what-if scenarios and review a wide range of situations and parameters to assess the total packaging carbon footprint per packaging type, per site, per product or company-wide.

The tool also allows companies to evaluate the effects of taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, such as switching container designs to light-weight variants, or increasing the reconditioning or recycling rates. Furthermore, an eco-efficiency-analysis model was implemented to consider packaging decisions by simultaneously considering monetary cost and environmental aspects.

The Green Tool enables Greif to analyze the right path toward an optimized, sustainable handling of industrial packaging for its customers. Greif can now respond professionally to customer inquiries regarding the environmental properties of Greif’s products as well as give customers advice on what they can do to improve sustainability in their packaging application.

To learn more about the Greif Green Tool and how it can help facilitate customer consensus around change and help drive sales, please take a look at the following publications.

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Packaging Europe: Improving Sustainability in Industrial Packaging

WBCSD U.S., Inc.: From cradle to grave: Greif's Life Cycle Analysis

See how the Greif Green Tool can support your packaging decisions by downloading our presentation.

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