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Our sustainability journey is changing the way we design and make products for the better. We have made great strides towards more sustainable products by using recycled and biobased raw materials and redesigning our processes to reduce the resources required to make our products.



We are exploring ways to increase the use of renewable and recycled materials in all components of our products.

Biobased Materials

Our team in Brazil developed one of the first sustainable multilayer 10-liter plastic jerry cans made from a renewable resource, sugarcane, with a stackable design that eliminates the need for a carton during transport.DoubleGreen COEX

The DoubleGreen COEX 10-liter plastic jerry can incorporates polyethylene that is derived from sugarcane ethanol and exceeds 50 percent of the total packaging composition.

In 2014, this innovation was recognized with the 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Award (ML Award) in Sustainability.



We are exploring ways to increase the use of renewable and recycled materials in all components of our products.

Agribusiness Virtuous Cycle

Greif’s Cimplast operations in Brazil developed a process that uses DuPontTM Fusabond®, a polymer compatibilizer, to turn waste into automotive lubricant bottles, rigid pipes and other products.

Cimplast produces plastic jerry cans and bottles in Latin America. Through the “Agribusiness Virtuous Cycle,” a full-cycle recycling system, multilayer plastic agrochemical bottle waste is diverted from landfills and remade into high-value products. With this process, by 2011 more than 150,000 tons of empty agrochemical plastic bottles had been collected since 2002, saving about 374,000 barrels of crude oil and more than 160,000 tons of CO2 equivalents.

For this innovation, Greif was honored as a Gold winner in the 23rd DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation.

Injection and Welding Production

To find out more about the Agribusiness Virtuous Cycle, see An Agribusiness Virtuous Cycle.

We developed an innovative injection and welding production process to manufacture the NexDRUM® that works with less material inputs without negatively affecting the performance and stability of the drum. It is manufactured through a process that provides excellent durability maximizing consistency in diameter, wall thickness and weight using less resin. The unique production method results in a 15 percent CO2 emissions reduction compared with conventional drums..


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