Greif 的荷兰工厂获得食品安全认证

格瑞夫位于荷兰埃德的刚性工业包装和服务工厂的 GCUBE IBC 生产获得了FSSC 22000认证(食品安全系统认证),使其成为欧洲第四家获得该标准的格瑞夫工厂。 格瑞夫位于意大利博塔努科的 IBC 配件工厂于 2018 年获得了相同的认证。 对食品安全的投资仍然是 Greif 的首要任务。

The FSSC is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and demonstrates that a company has an effective food safety management system that meets the requirements of regulators, food manufacturers, and their customers.

“FSSC 22000 认证表明 Greif 致力于推动我们的运营持续改进,”Luca Bettoni Greif EMEA IBC 和塑料产品经理说。 “它认可我们强大的流程和资质,以识别和管理风险并应用适当的控制。 FSSC 22000 使我们能够为我们的客户及其消费者提供最强有力的食品安全保证。”

Greif’s Ede facility was officially opened in 2018 and has been designed to offer customers the very latest IBC technologies available to the market, with a specific focus on the food industry. The certification follows Greif’s investments at Ede in technologies, equipment and materials and the compliance of the manufacturing operations with all relevant food packaging requirements. Ede’s facilities include a high care production department with blue resin floor and state-of-the-art blow molding machines for food-grade IBCs.

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