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Greif paper packaging is a net-positive recycler. In simple terms, we recycle more than we make! It helps that most of our paper packaging is made from a renewable and reclaimed source – old corrugated containers. In other words, your old pizza box!

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Los Angeles uses a lot of cardboard. That’s a good thing compared to other materials because cardboard can be easily recycled into new products. The Greif location at 5585 East 61st Street, Commerce, CA 90040, takes in things like yesterday’s take-out order packaging or the boxes that delivered fresh oranges to your local grocer and positions them for milling into new paper products. It’s an important step in a circular economy that sees e-commerce boxes go from your front porch to a new life as new paper-based products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When cardboard is recycled, it is first collected and sorted by recyclers. It is then broken down into small pieces and pulped, which turns it into a slurry that is then used to create new cardboard products. The process of recycling cardboard can be energy-intensive, but it is definitely worth it since it can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Additionally, it can help reduce the amount of natural resources needed to make new cardboard products.

Recycling cardboard helps the environment by reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills, as well as reducing the amount of resources needed to make new cardboard products. You can recycle cardboard at many locations, including local recycling centers like the Greif location listed here and curbside collection programs.

OCC stands for Old Corrugated Container. It’s an industry term for cardboard that is collected for the repulping process. OCC is the basis or raw material used in the creation of most new paper and cardboard.

At Greif, we operate 18 recycling facilities located across the U.S., where we provide industrial and commercial collection and recycling services, primarily focused on paper – or fiber-recovery. 

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As a commercial and industrial recycling partner, recycling at Greif is different from consumer-facing recycling in that we are more focused on specific substrates – fiber, plastics, metal, etc. than individual products.

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5585 East 61st Street
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