Greif BSC Europe Ltd

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Greif BSC Europe Ltd

1138 Budapest
Dunavirág utca 2-6.
Gateway Office Park, tower 3
4th floor

Greif BSC Europe Ltd in Budapest, Hungary

About Greif BSC Europe

Greif BSC Europe Ltd is a world-class pan-European Business Service Centre in Budapest, Hungary. Our main objective is to service Greif EMEA operations in Finance, IT, Training Centre of Excellence, and Internal Audit Services.

Our present and future legacy is firmly anchored on Greif’s values, beliefs, and business standards. We aim to be a customer-oriented professional business partner providing tangible benefits, on-time delivery, disruption-free and high-quality services for Greif EMEA operations.

Our value-based acting and thinking mission emphasizes the following beliefs:

  • Adopt and institutionalize world-class, best practice: standardized business processes relying on functional and cross-functional expertise
  • Continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the current streamlined processes;
  • Ensure Greif’s ability to grow and enable business expansion by providing a stable and standardized process platform from which to operate
  • Operate on a single global ERP system and integrated real-time environment by using the latest aligned technology

We rely on a highly skilled special breed of employees who possess an entrepreneurial spirit and aim to continuously develop their business intellectual capital.

Our multi-skilled workforce is prepared and trained to act and create value in a knowledge-sharing environment and aligned organization.

What we offer:

  • Training and people development in the areas of Finance and Administration
  • Recognition and reward for achievement and performance
  • Career opportunities within the Business Service Centre and across the broader Greif organization
  • Exposure to the many Greif operations, the cultures, languages, and its people
  • Strong cooperation in Finance with corporate roles in Reporting, Treasury, Legal, HR, and operations


We build with perseverance an organization where performance is a matter of intensity, balance, and professionalism, where the flame of work passion is guiding our day-to-day activities and value creation process.

BSC Europe Ltd
1138 Budapest, Dunavirág utca 2-6.,
Gateway Office Park, tower no. 3, 4th floor
Budapest 1054