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Greif Fontana

Steel Drums

8250 Almeria Ave
Fontana, CA 92335
United States

Product Information

Steel drums in East LA - Fontana, CA

A once agrarian land to the east of Los Angeles, Fontana, CA, evolved into an industrial powerhouse after the onset of WWII. That evolution came via a steel mill, so it’s very fitting that Greif has a steel drum manufacturing plant located in Fontana.

Greif has been a major employer in the area for some time, and today the company is one of the leading manufacturers of steel drums in the world. As a result, the city of Fontana is home to some of the most advanced metal fabrication and manufacturing facilities in the region. From the cutting of steel to the welding and assembly of finished drums, the city is a hub of steel drum production.

Our People

Greif places the utmost importance on protecting, engaging, and developing a diverse workforce.


Learn how the circle of life for steel drums doesn’t necessarily end once they are delivered to our customers. Whether reclaimed as scrap metal, or reconditioned for new use, the many lives of a steel drum make up a circularity success story.

Fontana – Steel drums
8250 Almeria Ave
Fontana CA 92335
United States