Greif Massillon


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Greif Massillon

Corrugated Sheets and Paper Coatings

777 3rd St NW
Massillon, OH 44647
United States 

Corrugated packaging in Ohio

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The Greif plant in Massillon is located at 777 3rd St NW, Massillon, OH 44647.

The site produces corrugated sheets that become boxes and displays that store, ship, and showcase the essentials of modern life.

The plant is equipped with machinery and technology to efficiently produce high-quality packaging solutions. It also prioritizes safety and has implemented rigorous protocols to ensure a safe working environment for its employees.

Packaging solutions for life’s essentials

The Greif Corrugated plant in Massillon plays a crucial role in providing essential packaging for various industries, from food and beverage to healthcare and e-commerce. Its central location allows for easy distribution to customers throughout the region, making it a valuable asset to the local economy.

Additionally, the plant is strongly committed to sustainability and has implemented initiatives to reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices in its operations.

The location also has a small fleet of trucks and a self-managed maintenance department that is responsible for patents and innovations.

CorrChoice Massillon – Corrugated Sheets and Paper Coatings
777 3rd Street NW
Massillon OH 44647
United States