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Greif, Soterra ממשיכים להתקין חביות גשם שעברו הסבה באלבמה

A group of colleagues from Greif, and its subsidiary Soterra, recently teamed up with the National Estuary Program (NEP) and Alabama Power to install converted rain barrels at local homes in the Mobile, Alabama area. Greif donated 200 55 gallon plastic drums to the NEP, which are being converted into rain barrels to be used at local businesses and homes in the Mobile area.

The purpose of the donation is to minimize the negative impact that comes with heavy rainfall that often occurs in the surrounding areas of Mobile. Excessive stormwater runoff can lead to water pollution which can have serious adverse effects on human health and the environment.

The drums are converted to rain barrels in pairs using a conversion kit. The kit connects a hose from a downspout to the first barrel and when the first barrel fills with water, a second barrel is connected to collect water.

“We are proud of the positive impact this project is making on our community,” said Andy Callahan, manager of sales and service at Soterra. “We are helping fill the needs of our neighbors, while protecting the environment. This project is spreading knowledge of the importance of reducing stormwater runoff, and it is providing financial benefit to local homeowners by reducing utility needs.”

Greif and its subsidiary, Soterra, were awarded an Environmental Stewardship Award by the Partners for Environmental Progress (PEP) on April 4, 2019 in Mobile, Alabama for its donation. The award recognizesPEP members whose work has made a significant and positive contribution to the Gulf Coast region in three crucial areas: economic growthenvironmental health and social responsibility.

Greif continues to workto install the remaining barrels from its donation in Toulmins Spring Branch Watershed in Alabama in 2019.

Photo: Russell Brunson (Soterra), Andy Callahan (Soterra), Charmayne Watson (Greif Recycling), Barry Miller (Greif Recycling), Amber McKerchie (Greif Recycling)

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