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Greif Morgan Hill

Fiber Drums

235 San Pedro Ave
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
United States

Fiber drums for sale in Morgan Hill, California

Greif Morgan Hill is located at 235 San Pedro Ave, Morgan Hill, CA, 95037. The plant manufactures fiber drums used in a wide variety of packaging applications throughout the state of California and the western United States.

Greif Morgan Hill is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and has been in operation since 1972. It is ISO 9001 certified and has extended its services to include corrugated packaging, pails, plastic drums, and a variety of other packaging products.


Fiber drums production that’s customer-driven.

Greif Morgan Hill has established a reputation for providing excellent customer service and quality products. In addition to manufacturing, the facility also offers a variety of services, such as engineering, testing, warehousing, and distribution. Greif Morgan Hill employs the latest technologies to ensure that all products meet the highest quality standards.

The company also boasts a knowledgeable and experienced technical staff that is dedicated to being a resource for customers and their packaging needs. Greif Morgan Hill is proud to be environmentally conscious and works to reduce waste and increase sustainability.


Reusable and Recyclable

Many fibre drum applications allow for recycling or reuse several times before they need to be recycled.

Morgan Hill – Fibre Drums
235 San Pedro Ave
Morgan Hill CA 95037
United States