Greif Toronto (Scarborough)

Tubes and Cores

55 Progress Ave
Scarborough, ON M1P 2Y7

Product Information

Tubes and cores on the northside of Toronto

Scarborough is located on the north side of Toronto on Lake Ontario. The Greif location at 55 Progress Ave in Scarborough makes paperboard tubes and cores that find uses in many applications and industries. With a highly trained and experienced staff, this facility can produce custom-designed products to meet the many requirements. The Greif team is committed to providing superior quality, customer service, and sustainability.

Their team understands the importance of safety and environmental responsibility, and they are dedicated to taking the necessary steps to ensure their products are produced using sustainable methods. They have committed to reducing their environmental impact and have implemented recycling programs to reduce their waste output. Greif is a leader in sustainability and uses innovative processes to ensure that their products are made to the highest standards of quality. Greif is a leader in the industry and is committed to providing its customers with quality products and services.

Scarborough, ON – Tubes and Cores
55 Progress Avenue
Toronto ON M1P2Y7