Patent Pending Cap for the Agrochemical Market

Date: 2018-06-21

Tri-Sure® has made significant advances in providing innovative solutions and safe package closures systems to the leading manufacturers of agricultural chemicals and crop protection agents.  We are focused on growing the business and increasing investments to achieve that aim.  Over the past 5 years, Tri-Sure® has invested in talent development, advanced injection molding equipment, and tamper evidence solutions in order to improve our positioning in this important industry segment.  As a result, Tri-Sure® Europe and Tri-Sure® South America have not only gained the business of largest customers in this sector, but also emerged as a valuable partner in developing solutions to safeguard the supply chain and improve user convenience innovations.

For many years, agrochemicals have faced the problem of venting in/out and equalizing the air pressure. External impurities plugging up the small opening on the traditional cap design often lead to poor venting function, thus increasing the danger of human contact.

Tri-Sure® R&D has found a solution to this by developing the MPV3 plastic cap design.

This patent pending system uses the minute gaps between the thread of the cap and the bottle neck of the container, in combination with a PTFE membrane embedded in the sealing disc, to perform the venting function.  This novel idea enables the cap to function without the opening on the top and avoiding any possibility of contamination during storage.  

The latest evolution for the agrochemical industry is the combination of induction heat seal (IHS) and MPV3.  The successful development of this system protects the product from intentional tampering, while allowing air pressure to equalize and reduce transport risks.

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