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Our U.S. plants manufacture adhesives used in corrugated boxes, tubes and cores, edge protectors, boxboard, can, carton and honeycomb applications and offer custom formulations.


Adhesives are a natural extension of our Industrial Products Group’s converting operations. We drew on 80-plus years of expertise in tube winding, core manufacturing, and converting knowledge to develop industry-leading adhesive brands. Greif’s diverse water-based adhesive products are manufactured in Kernersville, NC, and Atlanta, TX.


Each batch of adhesive is tested in our quality lab ensuring our products meet all established criteria. Supporting paperwork is issued prior to shipment.


A wide latitude in formulating allows Greif to tailor new bonding products to meet and exceed customer requirements for performance and efficiency. Challenging to adhere papers or coatings can be evaluated, and formulations developed to provide a glue product specific to your unique equipment and paper applications.

AVAILABle in north america

Greif Delivers. We use dedicated drivers, trailers, and tankers to help ensure your deliveries are timely. Our adhesive products are available in North America.

Materials matter

Every fiber and compound used in Greif paper packaging remains controlled by a tight supply chain to ensure a high-quality core makeup. That high quality is why we launched in-house adhesives manufacturing.

Our customers stick with us.

For starters, we work together. Greif and the colleagues who make the company stand out as leaders in paper adhesives manufacturing work with every customer to deliver the best solution for their needs. A collaborative process finds the best outcomes for you and, of course, your customers and the product’s eventual end-users.

Did you know that Greif established an updated mission statement to be the best-performing customer service company in the world? What that means for you is whether you are selecting the extensive paper packaging capabilities or looking for anything else in the Greif catalog, it is the duty of all of us to make sure your needs are met, and your expectations are exceeded. It’s the Greif way.

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Greif Ethics Hotline
To report concerns about possible ethics or compliance violations on a confidential and anonymous basis please visit or,in North America,you may place a toll-free call to 866-834-1825. Outside North America,where available,follow the directions at under "Report a Message."


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