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Our Services

Greif’s diverse portfolio of services and subsidiaries allows the organization to be with its customers throughout their packaging journey.

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Life Cycle Services by Greif is dedicated to sustainability related to the longevity and reuse of products and substrates while keeping products and materials in use as a part of a circular economy.



What do you do with your used packaging? Give it new life by recycling or reconditioning it. Contact us to discuss pick up options and conditions across the U.S. and Europe.


Contact us to discover the recycling services offered from collecting paper, paperboard, and plastics, to developing a custom recycling program across the United States.


The Greif end-of-life service network provides collection, cleaning, recycling, reconditioning, and circular solutions for industrial packaging products. Greif can give customer products a new life, help them divert waste from landfills, and reach zero waste and emissions targets.

Life Cycle Assessment Tools

Greif is here to help you make informed decisions on the best packaging products for your business with the least environmental impact. We help you reach your sustainability targets!

A Subsidiary of GREIF


Land management

Soterra LLC is a subsidiary of Greif, which manages more than 240,000 acres of land in the Southeastern United States. They provide hunting leases, property assessments, and habitat management services.

A Subsidiary of GREIF


Filling, Packaging and Logistics

Are you struggling to fill your drums or totes efficiently? Let Delta help with drumming, warehousing and logistics. Delta Companies Group, a subsidiary of Greif, offers the industry’s most comprehensive packaging and logistics solutions for specialty chemical companies.

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Recycling or Reconditioning?

Let us give your products a second life!

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