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Fibre Drums

The fibre drum has been a commonly used container for storing and transporting bulk quantities of dry and semi-liquid goods across town or around the world.


A long list of fibre drum types goes hand-in-hand with a longstanding reputation as a leading manufacturer of the paper-made cylinders common around the world. A broad portfolio of drum types ranges from one to 75 gallons (four to 284 liters). The diversity of this product offering includes space saving all-fibre construction options and weather-durable products suitable for high heat and humidity storage conditions.


In addition to the standard fibre drum offerings, Greif offers bespoke products that can be created for expos and point of purchase displays. What this means for brands is a sustainable outlet for their creativity in the form of a packaging.


Choose from interior liners and barrier products to several types of covers and closing mechanisms. In addition, enhance your packaging with product decoration including different colored kraft paper, simple screen printing or more complex full color printing.


Our wide range of customization options cover products both in terms of performance and appearance. Let us develop it for you if we do not already have what you are looking for.


With ten manufacturing locations in the United States and additional fibre drum capacity in Mexico, Denmark and Israel, Greif is positioned globally to deliver fibre drums where you need them.


All-Fibre Solutions Available

A fibre drum (or fiber drum in some places) is made up of a combination of adhesives and rolls of paper. The otherwise unremarkable brown paper material comes into Greif facilities in massive rolls. A series of machines convert the paper into cylinders or lids through a complex process. Those cylinders take on a remarkable strength considering the only ingredients are paper and glue. Some Tri-Sure closing rings literally top off the process, and the end result is a sustainable solution for storing a multitude of materials. 

Choose an all-fibre drum or work with our team to develop a customized recovery program for your spent packaging.

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