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EasyPour™ Concrete Forms

Greif excels in the concrete form tube market. Our forming tubes are made with 100% recycled paperboard. We have 14 mills across the US and 13 concrete forming tube manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada. Our family of products include:

  • EasyPour™ WeatherShield® concrete forming tubes
  • EasyPour™ WeatherShield® Poligloss concrete forming tubes
  • EasyPour WeatherShield® Professional Seamless with EasyStrip™
  • EasyPour™ Voids
  • EasyPour™ Weathershield® Professional Plus
  • Protect-A-Floor temporary floor protection

Let it pour.

Greif EasyPour™ concrete forming tubes have been used successfully in thousands of notable structures across the U.S. and Canada. In fact, approximately one out of every three construction tubes sold in North America is a Greif EasyPour™ forming tube. Built to withstand the rigors of construction and designed to hold the full hydrostatic pressure load of concrete in a single continuous pour (pouring rate based on tube size and specific job site conditions), Greif’s family of EasyPour™ concrete forming tubes have earned their mark as a “go-to” standard for demanding concrete projects.



Greif concrete construction accessories are a mainstay on North American job sites throughout the US and Canada. The popularity of products like concrete tubes and void fillers go beyond a simple, cost-effective solution. Contact us to learn more!



We excel at printing your Private Label logo on our EasyPour™ concrete forming tubes, giving you the opportunity to showcase your company name and logo on the job site for all to see. Our Protect-A-Floor product is also available for private labeling.



Corrugated materials can play several roles in concrete construction, including providing reinforcement, serving as formwork, and improving insulation.

Why are concrete forming tubes important?

Greif Pro Seamless on jobsite
The EasyPour Lightpole Base concrete form image seen here shows solid and seamless construction of the tube

Concrete tubes are used to cast concrete. They are made from cardboard and are available in a variety of sizes. Concrete tubes are used for a variety of purposes, including footings, pillars, and much more. The modern world is built with a lot of concrete, and forms shape much of that concrete.

EasyPour Concrete Tubes are essential in construction because they provide a mold for concrete to take shape while it hardens.

Here are a few reasons why they are important:

  • Consistent shape: the concrete pouring tube provides a consistent form for the poured concrete, which helps to ensure that the finished structure will be uniform in size and shape.
  • Efficient pouring: concrete pouring tubes make it easy to pour concrete and control the flow. This helps to ensure that the concrete is placed in the desired location and at the proper depth.
  • Versatility: concrete pouring tubes come in different sizes and designs, which allows their use in a variety of projects, such as foundations, walls, columns, and more.
  • Safety: concrete pouring tubes can prevent the concrete from spilling out or overflowing, which can help to avoid accidents and injuries on the construction site.
  • Quality: concrete pouring tubes help to ensure that the finished product has a smooth surface and consistent thickness, which can improve the overall quality of the finished structure.

Overall, concrete pouring tubes are an essential tool in the construction process. They provide a consistent shape, efficient pouring, safety, and quality for concrete structures, while also being versatile.


Made with 100% Recycled Paperboard

Paper packaging from Greif is a mainstay in the North American industrial landscape. The popularity of sustainable packaging that protects products and looks good pushes offerings like the Protect-A-Floor beyond a simple, cost-effective solution to preserve the flooring conditions during a build or remodel.

There’s more to it than that. Consumers are paying attention, and that increased focus centers on sustainability. Choosing sustainable packaging is essential to consumers as a heightened sense of circularity in the economy reaches the mainstream. 

Frequently Asked Questions

EasyPour concrete pouring tubes (12-20 feet in length) are designed to withstand the full hydrostatic pressure of concrete in a single lift. Multiple lifts are common to ensure proper vibration.

With any construction project, it’s always important to consult with a licensed and well-qualified professional. On commercial job sites, an on-site engineer is often a point of reference for questions like this.

EasyPour is designed with Greif Weathershield technology, making them moisture resistant. This does not make them waterproof. EasyPour is not intended for use while submerged in water.

With any cement work, it’s always important to consult with a licensed and well-qualified professional. Professionals often recommend a series of workarounds for moisture scenarios.

Recommendations often include:

  • Use Greif ProPlus forms where moisture is a concern
  • Apply NeverWet product to both ends of the form
  • Use plastic sheeting on the top of the form to keep water from getting inside

Concrete vibration is necessary to compact the concrete, remove air bubbles, and avoid the formation of honeycombs and voids. Pesky bug holes can be eliminated with this step as well.

This is a good point to bring up with a licensed and well-qualified professional.

Industry best practice says to securely brace the tube at the top, bottom, and wherever else necessary to hold it in position throughout the pour. This is important to make sure it does not bow or break.

A 2 x 4 frame/collar or similar rig should be applied at the top of the form (and bottom if installed on a concrete slab). Secure the bottom collar to a concrete slab. Keep form stable with anchored bracing separated at 90 degrees.

For forms over 12′, a collar/braces can be added to the middle of the form for additional support. Anchor bracing separated at 90 degrees.

Overall, bracing is very important when pouring in the top of a long tube. Bracing holds the tube in position. Concrete should be poured so that it minimizes the free fall of concrete.

Pour tube bracing is a good point to bring up with a licensed and well-qualified professional concrete tradesperson.

Concrete curing can vary widely with temperature and concrete mix. The cooler the weather, the longer the delay for the initial set. Consult with a ready-mix or concrete professional for specifics.

Burst Strength: 150 lbs/sq ft. for every foot of concrete (height).

Release agents are not required for the general use of standard EasyPour and EasyPour Pro Plus tubes. Nonstaining release agents should be applied when using EasyPour Professional Seamless and Eas Pour Light Pole base tubes. Consult your local distributor for the types of release agents used in this application.

Our EasyPour concrete pouring tubes can be manufactured in continuous lengths up to 28′. Professional Seamless tubes can be manufactured in continual lengths up to 24′.

Contact Us if longer lengths of EasyPour and Professional Seamless are required.

A handheld circular or reciprocating saw is typically used to remove a tube after a pouring job is done. Cut vertically and remove. Don’t forget your PPE!

Removal of a form is typically expected when there’s an exposed column surface. If the tube is below the ground, there is no specific need to strip the form. It’s good to consult local ordinances and building codes to be sure it’s ok to leave a tube in the ground.

Refer to the onsite engineer to determine local building codes. General practice is that the base of the column should be deeper than the frost line and in contact with firm undisturbed soil.

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