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Corrugated Bulk Boxes

Greif can create the perfect bulk box to protect and promote your products. From wheel bearings to watermelons – Greif has it covered.


Greif offers flexibility, fast lead times, and exceptional service with two flexo folder gluers under one roof.



  • Triple Wall (CAA): Non-test, 67 ECT to 1800#
  • Double Wall (BC, AC): Non-test up to 600#


  • 2-color post print as well as preprint boxes and bins
  • Glued, Stitched, or ‘Glitched’ Boxes

Your Choice for Sustainability

Innovative Package Design – Supply Chain

We work with your team to evaluate the entire packaging supply chain to look for opportunities that impact your sustainability goals. We will search for an efficient packaging design that reduces your distribution, transportation, and warehouse costs.

Here to Help

Greif is a resource that can help your company identify, promote, and procure sustainable packaging. Together we can create the opportunity to improve efficiency, achieve cost-savings, and improve profitability.

Materials and Testing

We are fully equipped to evaluate and design a package with optimal fiber combinations to help you achieve cost savings and performance requirements.Available services include: developmental package testing, cost comparisons, analysis on alternative corrugated constructions, and design validation through an ISTA certified packaging testing lab.

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