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Corrugated Litho Lamination

Ever wonder how brands pull off a shelf-ready look that stands out on a busy shelf in a large store?

In many cases, that’s made possible through litho lamination. Litho lamination is a process that results in high-resolution images being attached to a corrugated board, providing a recyclable, superior-coated graphic optimized for retail and shelf-ready packaging.


litho lamination


Corrugated litho lamination is a printing and finishing technique that produces high-quality paper packaging materials. It involves printing a design or image onto a sheet of paper, which is then adhered to a corrugated board, typically made from paper or a combination of paper and other materials. The resulting material is durable, lightweight, and suitable for various packaging applications.

Corrugated litho lamination is commonly used for packaging products such as food, household goods, and other consumer products. Litho lamination from Greif allows for high-quality, detailed printing and a durable finished product.



When a superior printing surface is needed for retail-ready packaging, Greif's litho laminated sheets offer the broadest range of sizes, basis weights, and substrates. Top sheet litho sourcing is also available.


data characteristics

Corrugated Board Combinations: Single Wall (C, B, D, E, F, N) and Double Wall (EB, EC, FE, EE, BB, BC). The result: Superior coated graphics for retail and shelf-ready packaging.


customization options

Choose from the most comprehensive range of sheet sizes available in the US. Customizable printing options include cut-to mark, flexo, and digital preprint.


available in north america

Paper packaging from Greif is a mainstay in the North American industrial landscape. The popularity of sustainable packaging that protects products and looks good pushes offerings like litho lamination beyond a simple, cost-effective solution.

Corrugated Litho Lamination Products


Litho Lamination

Greif offers litho lamination services in North America. Litho lamination is a process that combines a high-quality printed top sheet with a corrugated base, preventing score cracking and providing a superior printed package. The process involves the wet end, where the inside liner meets the medium to create a single face. This single face is then bonded with adhesive to create a single flat board, which is shipped to customers who can die-cut it into the shape of a box. By using Core Choice’s litho lamination services, customers can eliminate the laminating process and focus on die cutting, making their production more efficient.

A litho laminated box is ideal for various industries, including food, retail, cosmetics, and consumer products. It is also commonly used for displays in stores. Core Choice’s litho lamination allows for superior corrugated graphics and precise registration. They use high-quality graphics for corrugated folding cartons and flute packaging, using a wide range of substrates and print methods, such as offset and digital printing.

They offer a full complement of print options, including up to eight print colors, digital and flexo cut-to-mark, inside cut-to-mark pre-print, and functional and decorative options like barrier coatings, decorative coatings, and reinforcement tapes. The minimum size for lamination is 24 in x 24 in, with a maximum width of 64 in for single-wall sheets and 54 in for double-wall sheets. The maximum length is 80 in, and they can laminate sheets ranging from 10o to 24 Point, coated on one side. The minimum order quantity is 3000 sheets for single wall and 2500 sheets for double wall. By providing customers with a litho top sheet, Core Choice enables them to have a faster die-cutting process.


Your Choice for Sustainability

With public demand for environmentally conscious products on the rise, we’re continually seeking out methods that address your sustainability goals while considering performance requirements and business outcomes.


FSC®, SFI®, and PEFC Certifications ensure that products come from responsibly managed forests that produce environmental, social, and economic benefits. Greif customers can purchase litho laminated corrugated board with confidence.

Please ask us for more information about our FSC-certified products.

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