EasyPour™ PoliGloss® Concrete Forming Tubes

Great for jobs that demand aesthetically smooth and high gloss concrete columns without seam markings.

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Easy Pour™ PoliGloss® Concrete Forming Tubes are leading the way in the construction industry. Combining innovative technology and knowledge-based engineering, these tubes are all backed by our signature customer service.


Superior Aesthetics

Produces a unique high gloss finish.


Installed Inner Poly Lining

Produces a smooth concrete finish without spiral seams, eliminating the need for extensive manual finishing.


Protected with EasyPour™ Weathershield

These forming tubes are made of 100% recycled paperboard and use a moisture resistant adhesive. This adhesive provides a more structurally sound tube when subjected to moisture.



One-time use tubes allow for faster setup for multiple column pours with no cleaning or return shipping.



Easily placed manually or by crane. Engineered to withstand the full hydrostatic pressure of a continuous pour* 


*Pouring rate based on tube size and specific job conditions


Size Range

Available in the widest breadth of sizes in the industry: up to 60" in diameter and up to 30' in length.



Manufactured at plants throughout the United States and Canada.