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EasyPour™ PoliGloss Concrete Forming Tubes


For jobs that demand aesthetically smooth and high gloss concrete columns without seam markings.

Greif EasyPour™ PoliGloss concrete forming tubes are leading the way in a smooth concrete finish and combining innovative technology and knowledge-based engineering, all backed by signature customer service.

Inner Poly Lining

Installed inner poly lining produces a smooth concrete finish without spiral seams eliminating the need for extensive manual finishing.

Strength and Tear Resistance

Engineered to hold the full hydrostatic pressure pf a continuous pour.* *Pouring rate based on tube size and specific job site conditions.

Superior aesthetics

Produces a unique high gloss finish.

EasyPour™ PoliGloss Concrete Forming Tubes Features

Ease of Use

Easily placed manually or by crane.


Available in the widest breadth of sizes in the industry - up to 60" in diameter and up to 30 feet in length.

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