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A Catalyst for Quality

In 2017, Greif built a Class 1 clean room within its Mt Sterling, KY plant to meet the high purity requirements of some of its customers in the specialty chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  The injection molded drums are made using a special antistatic resin.  They are then robotically fed into the clean room where they are sprayed with ionized air then wiped inside and out by employees wearing special Tyvek smocks. The room is fed with filtered, positive air pressure to control and limit the particle count.

Multiple quality checks take place throughout the process including the use of special nanometer wave length UV lights to verify the surface purity before being double bagged and labeled for shipment, all within the clean room. In addition to the drums being ultra-pure, they are also efficient as their tapered design allows them to be nested in transit allowing over 1000 drums per truckload.

“One of Greif’s strength’s over the years is its ability to create customized packaging solutions.  And with growing challenges and demands on our customers we’re rethinking our own technologies and processes to meet these accelerating needs.  Thus, our injection molded line of products,” explained Kevin Kling, Plastic Product Manager and Development Director for Greif.


About Greif’s injection molded product line

Greif currently manufacturer’s 11 different sizes and styles of injection molded drums with a variety of resin, color, and closure systems to choose from in order to solve a multitude of issues including purity, moisture protection, nesting, and dimensional precision where they can be used with platen pump and other devices.

Want to try our clean room services, interested in learning more about our existing products, or looking for a custom solution? Request more information through your account manager or email

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