CorrChoice Leverages Technology to Enhance Service

Date: 2019-08-14

Anyone who has ever received a text letting them know a delivery is on the way can appreciate having the head’s up. For the past two years, customers of Greif’s CorrChoice team in Mason, Michigan have been enjoying the same convenience.

Utilizing geo-fencing technology, CorrChoice customers receive an alert when their corrugated sheets are twenty miles away from their facility, allowing them to properly prepare docks and floor space for receiving. The process improves efficiency and productivity for the customer and for CorrChoice.

“This technology is another component of our service promise matrix,” said Matt Barnes, VP and GM of CorrChoice. “One aspect of this philosophy likely does not solidify a ‘preferred-vendor’ status with the market, but an integrated blend of many offerings permits us to author a compelling story and value proposition for our partnered customers.”

Geo-fencing is similar to a GPS system. The technology a virtual representation of a geographic area that can serve as a location tracker. When the strategically placed location-aware device enters or exits a geo-fence, it triggers an alert to the user.

Based on a series of discussions with customers, the Mason team began using the geo-fencing technology in 2017.

CorrChoice is in the process of rolling out this innovative technology to all of its facilities because it recognizes the customer-focused benefits. This is just one of many steps it is taking towards being a preferred vendor in the market.

Visit our CorrChoice website to learn more about our product offerings.

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