Date: 2016-09-12

The GCUBE® was designed as an efficient, safe and rugged container for shipping bulk quantities of hazardous and non-hazardous products.

Its tubular style steel cage coupled with the hybrid, plastic or wood pallet offers strength and stability for optimal stacking performance.

Sometimes there are instances when an even more customized solution is needed.

When a long-term customer was in search of improved packaging for a challenging application, Greif rallied a team of technical, engineering, sales and operational personnel who worked with the customer to develop a customized solution to meet their stringent performance requirements.

“The issue centered on the packaging of a very heavy weight product and optimizing the full capacity of a 275 gallon/1040 liters IBC, while at the same time, maintaining the package’s performance integrity,” explained Andy Pruzinsky, Key Account Manager with Greif. “It was evident that a solution could not be achieved by using a standard IBC design offered within today’s marketplace.”

By incorporating and accelerating a material design enhancement, Greif proved that a global company has the flexibility to offer customized solutions to solve their customer’s specific application requirements. Pruzinsky concluded, “Our customer was extremely excited as it all came together quickly and we were able to deliver the heavy weight IBC in less than 30 days – a very good performance for a customized and unique IBC.”

To learn more about the GCUBE and its capabilities, contact ips.sales@greif.com, or visit us online at greif.com.

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