Galvanized Drums from Cologne, Germany

Date: 2018-07-03

Sourcing the right industrial packaging for your product is crucial, particularly when dealing with demanding materials. At our plant in Lövenich, Cologne in Germany we have almost 50 years of experience providing packaging solutions to customers dealing with some of today’s most hazardous materials.

One solution for corrosive materials are our composite drums, but in cases where products are not compatible with PE-HD or internal lacquers, customers can take advantage of our Galvanized drums.

Our fully galvanized steel drums have a gauge range of 1.0-1.5mm. At Lövenich we are highly experienced in manufacturing these for customers where safety during transport, handling and storage is paramount for the customers 

The zinc surface protects the underlying steel. Both ends are manufactured from electrogalvanized steel sheets. The drum body undergoes a hot-dip galvanisation which takes place after welding the sheets. 

Drums are equipped with galvanized G2 and G3/4 Tri-Sure® steel closures and, when required, highly resistant washer materials such as PTFE.

Designed to ensure lasting superior product performance all drums are individually helium leak tested and conform to UN1A1 and UN1A2 homologations.

Galvanized drums can be delivered loose or palletized with special load securement to reduce the risk of exposure to shocks and vibrations during transportation, preventing issues such as stress cracking, rubbing and oil canning.

Based on the information you give us about content and usage our team of highly skilled professionals are available to provide specific packaging advice to help you find the right solution.

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