Greif Donates to a Sustainable Cause

Date: 2018-08-14

Greif recently donated 200 new 55 gallon plastic drums to the National Estuary Program. The drums will be used in the Mobile, Alabama area as rain barrels to support water conservation efforts and reduce stormwater runoff along Mobile Bay.

“Stormwater runoff presents major challenges to the communities surrounding Toulmins Spring Branch, a tributary to Three Mile Creek which flows through highly urbanized and traditionally-underserved communities in the cities of Prichard and Mobile,” Roberta Arena Swann, Director of Mobile Bay National Estuary Program, said. 

The barrels were shipped from Greif’s plastic drum facility in Lavonia, Georgia, to be used at homes and businesses within the Toulmins Springs Branch Watershed in Mobile. Each barrel is being outfitted with a rain barrel conversion kit to help capture, store and put the rainwater to good use.

Excessive stormwater runoff can lead to water pollution. Greif is proud to help minimize the negative impact that comes with heavy rainfall that often occurs in the Mobile area. The rainwater collected in the barrels will also be used for irrigation purposes, helping local growers minimize water usage and costs.