Greif's Food Safety Center of Excellence: Upgrade and Warehouse Expansion

Date: 2018-07-03

Within the baby food industry, there is an ever increasing demand for high quality packaging.  The infant food manufacturers are continuously improving the food safety controls and hygiene standards within their own facilities and throughout the entire supply chain.

As part of Greif’s Food Safety Initiative, a dedicated Greif Flexibles team is focused on working with leading infant food producers and stakeholders to understand the ever changing industry needs and regulations. The team is dedicated in supporting customer needs and legislative requirements   while having Greif’s vision at the forefront:   “In Industrial Packing, be the Best Performing Customer Service company in the World”.

In 2016 Greif opened a food safety Center of Excellence (CoE) in Belgium (Izegem) featuring an ISO Class 7 High Care Zone clean room. The facility sets the highest hygiene and food safety standards in the industry and has positioned Greif as the supplier of choice for flexible industrial packaging in the infant food market. Our Belgian facility offers fully integrated manufacturing which includes big bag and liner production. In addition to that, our food safety CoE has undergone further transformations which included expanding the warehouse facility and upgrading the employees’ amenities, medium care zone areas and changing facilities.


Our quality experts have developed a top class packaging program to ensure that the most robust quality and compliance processes and procedures are in place. Greif offers purity of packaging materials, a unique big bag design for the protection of the product, selective barrier properties for improved storage of the filled product and compliance with all applicable regulations.  The team at Greif Flexibles is committed to working on improving our production network and developing unique solutions for the market in order to maintain its position at the forefront of the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container ( FIBC) industry. Following the above Izegem plant expansion, the team in Belgium is also focused on recruitment of new talent and ongoing training of personnel.

Greif Flexibles is committed to not only being a reliable packaging supplier, but also a quality partner to our customers by setting the highest hygiene and food safety standards in the FIBC industry.