High Achiever: Polovinsky Rededicates Himself to Health

Date: 2019-04-10

Aleksei Polovinsky, plant manager for Greif’s Rigid Industrial Packaging and Services facility on Omsk, Russia, has a new found dedication to his health. In January 2019, Aleksei finished 40th out of 300 participants in the 13 mile (21 km) Siberian International Half Marathon. Competing for the first time, this is an accomplishment that – even just two years ago - he didn’t imagine he could achieve.

It was the birth of his children that helped Aleksei rethink his lifestyle. Serving in the Russian military during his ‘younger years,’ kept Aleksei in shape, but upon completing his service, he stopped exercising. Aleksei gradually gained excess weight, causing him to lose energy, but after becoming a father, he had a new purpose to rededicate himself to his health. In 2017, Aleksei began jogging and then skiing in 2018. Then the day before his second son was born, Aleksei decided he wanted to do something bigger. He decided to run a half marathon, dedicating his participation to his newest son

Reaching his goal wasn’t easy. Not only did the runners battle the distance of the race, but the cold air, as the temperature on race day hovered around zero degrees Fahrenheit. Now, the race serves as a warm memory. Aleksei has dropped the excess weight and has more energy, which has had a positive impact in his roles as a father and a plant manager. It also showed Aleksei he has the ability to complete even his most ambitious goals, if he puts his mind to it.