Date: 2016-06-20

The NexDRUM® plastic drum is designed for easier handling and can withstand the rigors of the toughest industrial environment. Its unique design allows for stacking—which saves warehouse space and eliminates the risk of sidewall paneling.


Its extruded straight-sided body and injection molded top and bottom ensure excellent durability with virtually no variations in diameter or wall thickness.

The NexDRUM top is designed to accommodate various mechanical handling methods, including parrot beak equipment. Every NexDRUM also features a foot ring for 360-degree bottom engagement with conveyors which allows for ease of alignment with filling bung.

Many customers are investing in state-of-the-art automated filling lines.

The NexDRUM’s attributes are a perfect fit for this type of automatic handling.

“The NexDRUM performance is exceeding our expectations,” explained a Greif customer and global solvents manufacturer.

“These drums go through our automated drumming machine more efficiently and our operator spends less time having to make adjustments. Additionally, we are able to save time and money as the NexDRUM allows us to easily max load drums into a 20 foot container.”

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