Providing Customer Solutions for 90 Years

Date: 2018-06-27


For 90 years Greif’s Hamburg manufacturing facility has been providing solutions for customers to store and ship their products. Today, the Hamburg facility specializes in the production of large steel drums and tight head intermediate steel drums to the oil and lubricant industry.  

As a progressive business always striving for improvements, Hamburg has continued to lead the way in product development and provides customers in northern Europe with a distinct advantage when selecting Grief as a partner.  

The steel drums are designed and produced to exacting standards with a range of specialist features and accreditations ensuring flexibility and customization to market sector and customer requirements.

Large steel drums between 216.5 liters and 250 liters (outside diameter 585 mm) are produced in Hamburg. Tight head, standard open top and ISO standard open top drums are available in these sizes and volumes and conform to UN1A1 and UN1A2 homologations. 

Our steel drums have a gauge range of 0.8-1.2mm. Upgauged 1.5 mm top and bottom ends will be available by the end of this year. 

To ensure high safety during transport and handling, every steel drum is inspected for leakage by means of our specially developed sophisticated helium leak testing system- leaking drums are automatically removed. Designed to identify the smallest of leaks, it is the safest and most accurate leak testing system available on an assembly line. 

Intermediate UN1A1 steel drum sizes are 57 liters, 59 liters and 62 liters, all with an inside diameter of 380 mm. Plugs can be standard Tri-Sure® G2 and G3/4 with different washers and flex spout solutions allowing for different functionality requirements. 

ISO open top drums, produced at Hamburg, are widely used by global manufacturers and exporters of chemical products requiring tight regulation and secure storage solutions.  Designed to optimise space in 20’ containers the drums are prevalent in the international shipping sector. The standard 210 litre size ISO open top drums are produced to the highest UN approval standards.