Standard Domed Bottom comes out on top for Steel Drum Performance

Date: 2019-04-24

Greif customers are benefitting from a unique enhancement to its line of steel drums. The development of a standard domed bottom has helped improve steel drum performance. The upgrade has increased drum capacity, made for greater stability and increased resistance to vibration and stress cracking. Testing has shown that drums with the standard domed bottom have significantly outperformed comparable drums with a standard bottom.

Greif has recently delivered in excess of four million light gauge steel drums with a standard domed bottom to the same customer with no recorded issues of stress cracking. Most of these drums have been exported all over the globe.

Almost all of Greif’s facilities across the EMEA region are capable of producing drums with the standard domed bottom. In North America steel drums are produced using a comparable design. Greif remains one of the only companies to offer this type of feature on its steel drums.

Innovation is a key component to Greif’s growth strategy, as it focuses on continuous improvement to meet the needs of its customers. Customers interested in finding out more about the standard domed bottom can contact their local sales representative or email

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