Greif Customer Portal


Introducing the Greif Customer Portal

Introducing the Greif Customer Portal. It empowers you to focus on your core business while we care for your packaging needs.

The Greif Customer Portal is your all-in-one solution for streamlining your packaging operations. It offers a range of features and benefits designed to enhance your experience and optimize your business.

Features and Benefits

An easier way to do business.



View historical transactions from all Greif facilities and access forecasts of pending orders.


Comprehensive Packaging Information

Access product datasheets, certificates, and current/future pricing. Download price lists for reference.


Easy Online Ordering

Place orders with just a few clicks and stay updated with the latest lead times.


Invoice and Tax Exemption Visibility

Gain visibility into invoice details, payment status, and current balance. View tax exemption status and expiration dates.


Effortless Order Tracking

Browse order history, check live status, and view shipping documents.


Seamless Complaint Submission

Submit complaints online for swift resolution and exceptional customer service.

Stay in the Know.

Stay tuned for even more exciting features on the horizon, including real-time delivery tracking and interactive reports providing valuable insights into your past and future deliveries.

New Features

Reports Now Available on the Greif Customer Portal!

The Greif Customer Portal now features Reports, offering visibility and analytics to help you track and analyze your transactions with Greif more effectively.

Easily Accessible Purchase History

Gain detailed insights into quantities and expenditures for your purchases across associated Greif plants.

Track Open Orders

Stay updated on all your open orders from Greif.

Product-Specific Filtering

Easily filter and select specific product types to help focus on the data that matters most to you.

people sorting out colors and other factors on a computer screen

Graphical Data Representation

Visualize your data in different graphical formats for more accessible analysis and quicker insights.

people sorting out colors and other factors on a computer screen

Easy Data Export

Conveniently export your data into Excel format for further analysis or record-keeping.

people sorting out colors and other factors on a computer screen

Trend Analysis

View and analyze purchase trends from different angles to make informed decisions.


Ready to join the Greif Customer Portal?

To learn more about the Greif Customer Digital Portal and how it can benefit your business, please contact your account manager or contact us below.