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Does Sustainability Have a Soundtrack?

Does Sustainability Have a Soundtrack?

A quick Google search for ‘Sustainability Soundtracks’ reveals a handful of results like the ‘Top 5 Songs for Sustainability’ from the Carbon Literacy Project and ‘7 Songs About Climate Change’ from the Nature Conservancy. In both, musical heavyweights like Joni Mitchell, Radiohead, and Paul McCartney weave a message of sustainability and climate change into their lyrics.

Curious if this was just a ploy to sell more records or if these musical juggernauts were implementing sustainable practices into work, we did some more digging… It turns out many of them are actively working to make their tours and production better for the planet.

 An article published in February 2023 by Eco Watch chronicles the story of 10 musicians that are embracing sustainability, with examples of how Cold Play plans to “draw down more C02 than the tour produces” or how Dave Matthews Band reduced their emissions by 121 million pounds and raised more than $2M for environmental causes.

Armed with songs about sustainability and a group of artists who are actively working to save the environment, we have everything we need to pull together our own soundtrack for sustainability!

Sustainability playlist

Introducing the Protect Our FuturePlaylist.

Protect Our Future – A Build to Last Playlist

In 2022, Greif announced its 2030 sustainability targets. It includes ambitious goals to make 100% of its products recyclable, reach global gender pay parity, and significantly reduce scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions.

To read more about our commitment to sustainability and explore how you can get involved, check out our work here:

Inside Greif – Protecting Our Future

Ole Rosgaard Introduces 2030 Sustainability Targets

Accomplishing this work requires all of us to step up and do our part. So put on the playlist, turn it up to 11, and let’s get to work!

TJ Struhs is the Director of Corporate Communications at Greif. When he is not assembling awesome playlists to inspire people to think about the planet, he is probably writing. Have an idea or addition to the Protect Our Future Playlist? Shoot him a note:

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