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EcoBalance Jerrycan: A Sustainable Packaging Solution for Brazil

At Greif, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that not only meet your packaging needs but also contribute to nurturing a more sustainable supply chain. Our EcoBalance line is a testament to these ongoing efforts. We are thrilled to introduce the EcoBalance Jerrycan in Brazil. With up to 70 percent post-consumer resin (PCR), the EcoBalance Jerrycan is thoughtfully designed to help you meet your sustainability goals.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Composed of 70% PCR: Our EcoBalance Jerrycan significantly reduces the demand for virgin plastic, conserving natural resources and minimizing waste.
  • UN Navy and Inmetro Approved: Our packaging solution is approved for the transportation and storage of hazardous materials, ensuring reliability without compromising safety standards.
  • Customized to Your Satisfaction: The EcoBalance Jerrycan can be tailored to meet your specific packaging requirements, helping you achieve your sustainability goals.
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint: By choosing the EcoBalance Jerrycan, you actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions, with up to 44% less CO2 compared to traditional jerrycans.


EcoBalance is built for the circular economy.

Greif EcoBalance is a sustainability-focused product line that uses PCR and other circular concepts in its creation, use, reuse, reconditioning, and recycling. 

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